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Women in Business: Exploring the Role of women and the Female Entrepreneurial Challenges in the Iraqi Startups’ Landscape

Iraq is facing an inevitable economic crisis due to its government’s dependency on oil as the main source of national income and... read more

10 Lessons From Unsuccessful Startups’ Pitches and Stories

As a researcher and a developer of startups’ support programs, I have been given the opportunity to witness firsthand Iraqi entrepreneurs and... read more

The Investment Landscape: Other Variables of the Investment Equation

The Iraqi Ecosystem is alive and well. I write this as a new article coming out by Wamda is titled “Iraq’s Big... read more

Bahaaddin Salim Interview NASS AL-IRAQ, CEO

Nass Al-Iraq Holding is an umbrella to different companies that first started its operations in 2007.

Amer Sunna Interview, Asiacell CEO

Mr. Amer Sunna, the CEO of Asiacell, in an interview with Business LANDSCAPE, tells the success story of Asiacell as the first... read more

Expert Opinion on the White Paper

The Paper addresses the root cause of the issues facing the Iraqi economy, the challenges and the risks of the rentier role... read more

The Challenges of the Free Economic Zones in Iraq

The free economic zones are appointed areas that enjoy favourable regulations to facilitate trade activities, companies’ operations, and investments. These regulations could... read more

Made in Iraq Research Summary

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