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Relieved from Economic Sanctions

Iraq the New Status in the Global Financial System

Venture Capital Ecosystem in Iraq

Identifying the Gaps and Overcoming the Reluctance of the Laws and Regulations

An Overview of the Iraqi Banking Sector and Financial Infrastructure

A research summary on the "An Overview of the Iraqi Banking Sector and Financial Infrastructure" report by KAPITA's Research Team.

The Iraqi Private Sector We Need

In 2019, I visited Iraq after 13 years of being away. The purpose of my trip was to attend two events: a... read more

Measure it to Manage it

The Role of Proper Accounting in the Success of SMEs in Iraq

Access to Finance in Iraq: An Analytical Study

Access to finance is the ability of individuals or enterprises to obtain financial services, including credit, deposit, payment, insurance, and other services.... read more

The Elephant in the Room

Investigating the Absence of International Services, Root Causes, and Missed Opportunities

The Neglected Building Blocks of Iraq’s Economy

Building a robust Iraqi economy requires laying a strong and stable foundation that can only be established through a sustainable private sector... read more

Interview with Basima Abdulrahman

Basima Abdulrahman is the founder and CEO of KESK, an Iraq-based green solutions company that provides green building and design and renewable... read more