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The Investment Landscape: Iraqi Corporate Start to Venture

The build-up to the elections and the event itself has imposed some silence on the investment landscape in Iraq. However, as the... read more

Interview with Zainab Kufaishi

Zainab Kufaishi is the head of Middle East and Africa and senior executive officer at Invesco, which is an asset management company... read more

Management by Objectives

When you start reading and watching content on management, you will reach the S.M.A.R.T. goals and objectives framework in no time. It... read more

Setting the Scene for a Better Private Sector

According to Transparency International (2021), Iraq is in the bottom 12% ranking 160th out of the 180 countries evaluated.

Interview with Yadgar Mirani

Yadgar Mirani is the Co-founder and CEO of Lezzoo, a last-mile delivery service on the path of becoming a super app that... read more

Interview with Amar Shubar

Amar Shubar, a co-founder and partner at Management Partners for over a decade, with experience that spans across Europe, the Middle East,... read more

Interview with Dr. Ole Diehl

Business LANDSCAPE had the chance to visit the German Embassy in Baghdad and meet his Excellency, the German Ambassador in Baghdad, Dr.... read more

The One Trillion Dinar Initiative

Iraq has been for a prolonged period of time an oil-dependent economy, creating a welfare state. This led various sectors that can... read more

Cultural and Heritage Tourism

There is a shift in the Middle East to turn away from welfare economies into an open market approach, with tourism being... read more