KAPITA Research


Lack of data from both government and market which cause  unprofessional business decisions which leads to major losses in resources and development opportunities 

Research department supplies investors, international development organizations, ecosystem and entrepreneurs with on-going statistical data through research, market research, reports, and studies regarding the private sector, and local market to enable data-driven programs and business decisions 


To be a reliable source offering accurate, authentic, and valid data to pave the way for all organizations, investors & entrepreneurs to successfully fulfill their businesses.


 Equip investors, organizations, ecosystem & entrepreneurs with Sector Research, Market Research, Impact Assessment Research, Customer Behavior Research as well as Insights Reports.

Our Services

Market Research Design & Execution

  1. Brand awareness research
  2. Competitive analysis research
  3. Customer satisfaction research
  4. Marketing campaign effectiveness research
  5. Customer segmentation research
  6. Consumer behavior analysis.

Data Collection Services

  1. Online & offline qualitative structured and unstructured interviews.
  2. Online & in-field quantitative surveys.
  3. Focus group discussions.
  4. Social media & TV monitoring & data collection
  5. Internet automated & manual data collection.
  6. Observational data collection.

Data Analysis Services

  1. Automated reports with data collection, cleaning, analysis, and visualization.
  2. Real-time dashboards with advanced analytics, interactive visualizations, and continuous update. 
  3. Cloud data infrastructure and data pipeline building.

Industrial Research Design & Execution

  1. Business services research
  2. Not-for-profit research
  3. Sectorial research

KAPITA Research Team

Managing Director, ResearchMohammed Jamal

A holder of a Master's in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Royal Holloway, University of London, Mohammed holds the position of Managing Director of Research at KAPITA Business Hub. He has formed and led the research team, overseeing their impactful publications. Additionally, as the editor-in-chief of Business Landscape magazine, Mohammed blends his academic achievements with his long experience in the local context to enrich the business and entrepreneurial landscape in Iraq.

Senior Data AssociateRiyadh Radhi

A holder of MSc in Computer Science from the American University of Armenia and more than five years of professional experience in data analytics, machine learning, and research. Riyadh had been involved in numerous research publications, data science-related projects, and trainings. He enjoys finding hidden patterns in data, drinking tea, and playing chess.

Senior Research AssociateSafwa Salim

A double major degree holder in Business and Industrial Engineering from Istanbul with a minor in entrepreneurship from France. Passionate about research, interested in the entrepreneurial scene. Striving to provide the tools to unlock the potential of Iraqi startups and the private sector.

Research AssociateEssam Munir

A holder of MBChB and MBA, Essam is a practicing neurologist and avid researcher with more than five years of experience researching in marketing and medical fields. He is actively involved in developing consumer-related research projects and had several publications as part of the team. He’s a book-worm, a gamer, and life-long learner.

Senior Research AnalystMoamin Al-Kakaei

Leveraging 2+ years as a research analyst and pursuing a MSc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Sweden, Moamin seamlessly merges scientific methodology with business skills. His analytical and data-oriented approaches make him an asset in market research. Outside work, you'll find him immersed in audiobooks and folding origami cranes for random strangers.

Data AnalystAdham Omran

Adham is a highly skilled data analyst and back-end developer, specializing in Clojure. He has a track record of excellence, combining his passion for data exploration and analysis with a strong programming background to deliver robust data solutions. Adham is the top-ranking graduate in Finance and Banking from his college.

Data AnalystMariam Sabah

A Data Analyst with a flair for front-end development, combining technical expertise in data visualization with a strong sense of design. Mariam's proficiency in creating interactive charts and dashboards enhances the presentation of complex data in an accessible and engaging manner, thus aiding effective decision-making.

Research AnalystZaid Daher

Zaid embarked on his educational journey at the American University of Iraq Sulaimani, earning a degree in Business Administration. His professional career, initially centred around education with NGOs, has now transitioned into market research, enabling him to meet incredible people along the way. Currently, Zaid is actively involved in writing reports and research publications focused on various business sectors, particularly concerning the development of Iraqi private sector.

Research AnalystFatima Suhail

Fatima is an Urban Planning and Design graduate with a passion for data analysis who is currently pursuing professional development in data analysis through self-learning. She is also a content creator, a bookworm, a cat mom, and a part-time gamer.

Development AnalystAya Salam

A Development Analyst with experience in developing proposals, designing methodologies, managing clients, and devising project plans, Aya's focus extends to a wide range of sectors within the private sector and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Iraq, allowing her to feed her curiosity with new information everyday.

Research AnalystMohammed Mustafa

A Business student majoring in Management Information Systems with a love for getting new experiences and learning about the world. Mohammed has various experiences in different environments. He's currently starting a new path in research analysis and report writing. He loves reading, economics, history, and long deep discussions.