KAPITA Research


Lack of data from both government and market which cause  unprofessional business decisions which leads to major losses in resources and development opportunities 

Research department supplies investors, international development organizations, ecosystem and entrepreneurs with on-going statistical data through research, market research, reports, and studies regarding the private sector, and local market to enable data-driven programs and business decisions 


To be a reliable source offering accurate, authentic, and valid data to pave the way for all organizations, investors & entrepreneurs to successfully fulfill their businesses.


 Equip investors, organizations, ecosystem & entrepreneurs with Sector Research, Market Research, Impact Assessment Research, Customer Behavior Research as well as Insights Reports.


  • Sector Research
  • Market Research 
  • Impact Assessment Research 
  • Customer Behavior Research
  • Insights Reports 

Our Services:

Data analysis:

KAPITA provides a variety of analytical techniques to illustrate what your data is telling you. We can provide dashboards, executive toplines, full reports, and presentations. Our marketing research provides quality insight, not just number

Planning and methodology:

Identifying what questions need to be answered is the first step in planning research. KAPITA has experience discovering the points of interest related to a variety of industries.

Focus groups:

Conducting focus groups and gaining insights is one of the major skills of KAPITA’s team. Rest assured that you’ll gain the insights you need.

Telephone interviews:

You can be confident that your data is collected using proven quality techniques. Interviewers are trained on general telephone interviewing practices and the unique characteristics of your projects.

Data entry & processing:

KAPITA has the experience to turn your questionnaires or raw data into meaningful data you can use.

Online research:

KAPITA programs and hosts your online surveys. We reach consumers, business executives, doctors, lawyers, and members of a variety of social and economic groups.

Survey design:

Kapita has the experience necessary to design questions that are targeted to your objectives and organized in an easily understandable format.

In-person interviews:

In-person interviewing allows for the presentation of materials and the observation of respondents’ actions, behavior, and facial expressions.

KAPITA Research Team

Managing Director, ResearchMohammed Jamal

A research and entrepreneurship trainer with 4 years of experience. He works on developing concepts for programs implemented by KAPITA and managing the research team towards providing the ecosystem with informative, accurate, and timely data and insights.

Data Science AssociateRiyadh Radhi

A holder of MSc in Computer Science from the American University of Armenia and more than two years of professional experience in Data Analytics & Machine Learning. Riyadh had been involved in numerous data science-related projects, researches, courses, and a hackathon internationally. Riyadh enjoys finding hidden patterns in data, drinking tea, and playing chess and usually does all three simultaneously.

Research AssociateSafwa Salim

A double major degree holder in Business and Industrial Engineering from Istanbul with a minor in entrepreneurship from France. Passionate about research, interested in the entrepreneurial scene. Striving to provide the tools to unlock the potential of Iraqi startups and the private sector.

Research AssociateEssam Munir

Co-founder of P-value. An avid researcher, mentor in research methodology and biostatistics, writer, and a medical doctor.

Research AnalystMoamin Al-Kakaei

Data AnalystHanguin Al-Ramadani

Economic ConsultantAli Alsuhail

More than six years of experience at transaction advisory and development finance in Dubai and London. He had worked in multiple capacities with entrepreneurs advising to grow their businesses, helping them fund raise and investing directly in their startups. CFA, MBA.

Research AnalystIssa Mohammed

Research AnalystReem Halim