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KAPITA is a private sector development company that aims to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through investment, research, incubation/acceleration, and market development programs.

In order to upgrade the Iraqi ecosystem, KAPITA is working on new startups development, helping established Iraqi startups small businesses to scale their (market, production, and evaluation), as well as personal development for entrepreneurs. KAPITA is taking the next logical step, by starting the first incubator and accelerator in Baghdad that hosts the most promising startups, provide them with seed funds, infrastructure and business services, financing and public relations. We will support the community by enhancing the entrepreneurial movement, building youth capacity, and feeding the private sector with human resources and knowledge-based, well-planned successful businesses.

We aim to be the institute that forms the core engine in developing the private sector in Iraq, we believe that to accelerate the growth of ecosystems and Entrepreneurs, there must be a core engine that grows fast in order to cause an overall growth and development to take Iraqi startups and small businesses to the next level.

\  Vision

The firm that forms the core engine in developing the private sector in Iraq to accelerate the growth of ecosystems and entrepreneurs in order to cause an overall growth and development to take Iraqi startups and SMEs to the next level, provide job opportunities and contribute in stabilizing Iraq.

\  Mission

Empower the human capital to excel in startups and SMEs through incubation and acceleration to provide access to capital, better data and research about the Iraqi market, and create new opportunities to the investors.

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Our Team

Founder & CEOMujahed Waisi

Founder of the station and Alawj media and a co-founder for multiple other companies. With more than 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur, he experienced the challenges and the opportunities for entrepreneurs in Iraq.

Managing Director, InvestmentAli Al-Suhail

More than six years of experience at transaction advisory and development finance in Dubai and London. He had worked in multiple capacities with entrepreneurs advising to grow their businesses, helping them fund raise and investing directly in their startups. CFA, MBA.

Managing Director, ResearchMohammed Jamal

A holder of a Master's in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Royal Holloway, University of London, Mohammed holds the position of Managing Director of Research at KAPITA Business Hub. He has formed and led the research team, overseeing their impactful publications. Additionally, as the editor-in-chief of Business Landscape magazine, Mohammed blends his academic achievements with his long experience in the local context to enrich the business and entrepreneurial landscape in Iraq.

Programs ManagerAhmed Khalid

Director of Business DevelopmentTaher Tameem

Networking Engineer with more than 4 years of experience in communication and management. Believes in ensuring stakeholders views are managed towards the best solutions.

Programs ManagerMohammed Hameed

A passionate activist in the entrepreneurial movement, believes in the data-driven strategies to yield the most successful startups.

Research AssociateSafwa Salim

A double major degree holder in Business and Industrial Engineering from Istanbul with a minor in entrepreneurship from France. Passionate about research, interested in the entrepreneurial scene. Striving to provide the tools to unlock the potential of Iraqi startups and the private sector.

Senior Data AssociateRiyadh Radhi

A holder of MSc in Computer Science from the American University of Armenia and more than five years of professional experience in data analytics, machine learning, and research. Riyadh had been involved in numerous research publications, data science-related projects, and trainings. He enjoys finding hidden patterns in data, drinking tea, and playing chess.

Senior Program CoordinatorRania Akram

Civil engineer with communication skills and an affective team player with exceptional planning and execution skills with a systematic approach and adaptability. Self motivated, hard working and good oriented with sincere commitment and an optimistic approach.

Senior Policy AnalystHanguin Safaa

Senior Policy AnalystIssa Mohammed

Senior Finance OfficerAli Mawthooq

Finance OfficerOsama Alzaidy

Marketing SpecialistSama Adel

Senior Digital Marketing OfficerShadan Khalid

A Digital Marketing Officer with an experience in graphic design and events coordination. Graduated from Al-Mustansiriyah University/ College of Medicine. Driven by the love for creative new ideas to make marketing strategies stand out.

Senior Investment AnalystQudama Fayon

Senior Research AnalystMoamin Al-Kakaei

“Leveraging 2+ years as a research analyst and pursuing a MSc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Sweden, Moamin seamlessly merges scientific methodology with business skills. His analytical and data-oriented approaches make him an asset in market research. Outside work, you'll find him immersed in audiobooks and folding origami cranes for random strangers.”

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