\ Our Services

Scope of Work

We strive to enhance the Entrepreneurial movement, build youth capacity, and provide the private sector with seed funds, infrastructure services, business services, financing, public relations, human resources and knowledge-based well-planned successful businesses.

Also, we conduct research concerning the entrepreneurial scene, market opportunity, small business challenges, detailed market segment reports, region-based market analysis to bring opportunity to investors, international organizations, and Iraqi entrepreneurs to impact the community in the best way.

\  Investment Management

We create institutionalized vehicles and programs to facilitate and manage investments into SMEs

\  Incubation and Acceleration Programs

We design and implement programs to incubate and accelerate the growth of businesses

\  Research and Professional Services

We provide research and other professional services to help you better understand your market and attract investment.

\  IRAQ Challenges:

A) Lack of Financial Support: Finance is crucial in forming, expanding and sustaining firms, and unfortunately, insufficient funding have brought many promising & great start-up ideas to dead ends.

B) Insufficient Data: A well-researched project is definitely a project of success. Lack of data hinders the proper initiation & growth of firms.

C) Poor Education System: Integrating entrepreneurship in academic courses, and encouraging students to think outside the box can help graduates become self-sufficient & enroll themselves in entrepreneurial initiatives. Improper education hampers innovation.

F) Gender inequality: Women constitute nearly half of our community, and their skills can help grow business and positively impact the ecosystem. Precluding women from a start-up, due to cultural conservation, can actually impede its success.

E) Lack of Motivation: Motivation keeps any business alive and innovative. If absent, due to discouraging social/cultural norms & lack of awareness of what entrepreneurship is, a project cannot be initiated & sustained.

\  Our solutions:

A) Providing startups and SMEs with seed funds, infrastructure & professional service, human capital & public relations to create growth and job opportunities by having various programs.

B) Conducting Research and publications on entrepreneurship in Iraq, in order to enhance the knowledge of the youth, the international agencies and other companies about the ecosystem, and for KAPITA to take the credit of having data-based knowledge and programs.

C) Forming the first Iraqi angel investors network, and connect it with local and international networks to provide all knowledge and startups investing know-how.

For more info please contact us at: Info@kapita.iq