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KAPITA Business Hub

KAPITA is a private sector development company that aims to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through investment, research, incubation/acceleration, and market development programs.

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Latest Updates

Business LANDSCAPE Magazine Issue 11

We are beyond thrilled to introduce the milestone of the 11th edition of Business LANDSCAPE magazine, a quarterly publication that aims to... read more

IRADA Network Launch Press Release

The unveiling of the IRADA Network transpired at the 'Reintegrating the Iraqi Business Landscape' conference

Press Release - Reintegrating the Iraqi Business Ecosystem

Click here to learn more ...

The Iraqi Pharmaceutical Industry

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Agricultural Technology in Iraq

A Brief of the Iraqi Agritech Potential and Challenges

Iraqi Startup Market: Unraveling the Untapped Opportunities

Many of the big businesses we know today were only ideas. Ideas that tackle real needs can become successful businesses if they... read more

Advanced Medical Technology in Iraq

Scope, Challenges, and New Horizons

Digital Transformation in Iraq: Mobile & Web Applications Solutions and Timelines

Mobile & Web Applications Solutions and Timelines

Fast Moving Consumer Goods in Iraq

An Overview of Food, Beverages, and Dairy Products

Latest Articles

Planting the Ecosystem Seed: Nurturing the Soil for the ResourceDeprived Entrepreneurs

In places recovering from conflict, entrepreneurial ecosystems become vital engines for growth and stability. Imagine a startup in Baghdad navigating the challenges... read more

Cultivating Entrepreneurship in Unconventional Grounds: Lessons from Iraq's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Most research on entrepreneurial ecosystems (hereafter, EEs) and how they develop has studied EEs in countries with a highly developed private sector... read more

Fueling the Iraqi Entrepreneurial Scene: Insights from KAPITA’s Programs

The Iraqi entrepreneurial scene has been constantly evolving in the last decade. The spark that started this ecosystem has been ignited by... read more

Latest Updates in Arabic

زراعة بذور بيئة الأعمال: تهيئة الأرض لأصحاب المشاريع المحرومين من الموارد

تصبح بيئات ريادة الأعمال محركات حيوية للنمو والاستقرار في الأماكن التي تتعافى من الصراع. تخيل شركة ناشئة في بغداد تتغلب على تحديات... read more

تنمية ريادة الأعمال في مجالات غير تقليدية: دروس من بيئة ريادة الاعمال في العراق

لقد أُجْرِيَت معظم الأبحاث حول بيئات ريادة الأعمال (سنشير إليها بـ"بيئات الريادة") وكيفية تطورها في بُلدانٍ تتمتع بقطاع خاص متقدمٍ للغاية وظروفٍ... read more

تغذية المشهد الريادي العراقي

لقد شهد مشهد ريادة الأعمال العراقي تطوراً مستمراً في العقد الماضي. اشتعلت شرارة بيئة الأعمال العراقية بفعل العديد من الهاكاثونات الرقمية، والمعسكرات... read more

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