The Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi)

Founded in 2017, We-Fi is a multilateral partnership supporting women entrepreneurs in developing countries with access to finance, markets, technology, mentoring, and other services while working with governments and the private sector to improve the laws and policies inhibiting women’s businesses in developing countries. It has allocated $353 Million since 2018, which will support over 200,000 WSMEs in 60+ countries and will mobilize $3.55 billion in additional private and public sector funds.

The We-Fi Iraq initiative, which supports women-led businesses by equipping them with business skills to scale up their businesses, increase their market share to generate more revenue, and become more resilient to economic shocks.

KAPITA will implement two Bootcamp-style trainings in Baghdad and Mosul for women-led businesses. Each bootcamp will occur over a three day period, and topics will be customized to the needs of participants.

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KAPITA Partners With the World Bank to Launch the We-Fi Initiative

KAPITA Business Hub announces the launch of the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) in Iraq, in partnership with the World Bank.