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Planting the Ecosystem Seed: Nurturing the Soil for the ResourceDeprived Entrepreneurs

In places recovering from conflict, entrepreneurial ecosystems become vital engines for growth and stability. Imagine a startup in Baghdad navigating the challenges... read more

Cultivating Entrepreneurship in Unconventional Grounds: Lessons from Iraq's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Most research on entrepreneurial ecosystems (hereafter, EEs) and how they develop has studied EEs in countries with a highly developed private sector... read more

Fueling the Iraqi Entrepreneurial Scene: Insights from KAPITA’s Programs

The Iraqi entrepreneurial scene has been constantly evolving in the last decade. The spark that started this ecosystem has been ignited by... read more

Tareq Hussain Interview

Tareq Hussain is the founder and CEO of Al-Rafeel, a company that produces and packages a wide variety of ready-to-eat vegetables. Mr.... read more

Mohamed Al-Hakim Interview

Mohamed Al-Hakim is the founder of EQIQ, a venture capital fund focused on boosting the Iraqi tech startup ecosystem, and the founder... read more

Ali Al-Hilli Interview

Ali Al-Hilli is the marketing and communications director at Miswag, the largest and oldest homegrown startup in Iraq. With more than 14... read more

The Entrepreneurial Mutation: Navigating the Evolution of Iraq's Business Landscape

Editorial Piece Amidst change and challenges, Iraq is in the midst of an entrepreneurial transformation, shifting from oil dependency and public sector... read more

The Recipe for Building an Application for the Iraqi Market

Despite the recent growth in the Iraqi e-commerce sector, the country’s market still lacks many services and products that are commonly available... read more

From Paper to Pixels: Evolution of Digital University Admissions

The Private Education Admissions System (PEAS) story started before its establishment. Our involvement, as Nass Al-Iraq, with the central admission system of... read more