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Interview with Majid Jafar

Majid Jafar is the CEO of Crescent Petroleum, a prominent energy company with a history spanning over 50 years, headquartered in Sharjah,... read more

Redefining Priorities: Is Iraq on the Path to a Climate-Resilient Business LANDSCAPE?

In the ninth issue of the Business LANDSCAPE Magazine, we address the pressing challenge of climate change, which is gaining increased recognition... read more

Interview with Maythem Saad

Maythem Saad is the Founder and CEO of Berhyah, an Iraqi brand that offers a selection of gourmet Iraqi dates, with headquarters... read more

Bassam Al-Ateia Interview

Bassam Al-Ateia is the Founder and CEO of Alsaree3 Holding. The Group includes Alsaree3, a food delivery platform, and Al-Zajel, a last-mile... read more

Joanne Marques Interview

Joanne Marques is a Senior Advisor at Runway Strategies, a global strategic advisory firm that helps startups navigate the world of public... read more

Hussein Albayati Interview

Hussein Albayati is the General Manager of Careem Iraq. The everyday Super App for the greater Middle East region that operates in... read more

Report Summary: Aviation and Maritime

Air transport plays a vital role in economic growth and development, serving as a gateway to the international economy and providing crucial... read more

Public Sector Employment

The Reasons Behind the Glamorization and Inclination Towards Disguised Unemployment

The Role of Psychological Safety at the Workplace

The development of the Iraqi private sector has been the focus topic for our ecosystem for years; numerous attempts, initiatives, projects, supports,... read more