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Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq after Baghdad and is home to a myriad of religions and ethnicities. It has... read more

Technology and Startups – New Perspectives for Youth in Iraq

Information and communication technology (ICT) and digital innovation have become essential for the growth of modern-day economies. The COVID-19 pandemic has just... read more

The Fundraising Landscape - Seeding the Future

The Fundraising landscape in Iraq has continued to evolve over the third quarter of 2020. The newly formed Iraqi Angel Investors Network... read more

Interview with Dhuha Abdul-Kareem

The banking sector plays a vital role in the economy; the progress of this sector makes an impact on the different aspects... read more

Global trends for investments in Startups

Covid-19 has made physical interactions almost impossible creating a great opportunity for startups to leverage this trend. Many investors do believe that... read more