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Report Summary: Digital Transformation in Iraq

Mobile & Web Applications Solutions and Timelines

The Emergence of New B2B Services and the Adoption of a Customer-centric Approach

There is considerable debate about the maturity of the Iraqi private sector, with many asserting that it is still nascent and merely... read more

Promotion of Digital Transformation in Iraq: ICT for Youth Project

It is no secret that the digital sector has the potential to greatly benefit individuals, businesses, and entire economies at large. Digitalization... read more

The Rise of Digital Solutions: Reshaping the Iraqi Consumer Habits and Redefining the Future

Iraq's digital landscape has been growing steadily over the past few years, with an increasing number of people using different platforms, including... read more

The Digitalization Landscape in Iraq and the MENA Region

The importance of digital transformation in driving social and economic growth worldwide cannot be overstated. Many countries have reaped significant benefits from... read more

Beyond the Buzzwords

The Core Elements, Unique Challenges, and Opportunities for Digital Transformation in Iraq

Azad Hassan Interview

Azad Hassan is the co-founder and CEO of Eduba, an ed-tech super app in Iraq that provides a variety of services, including... read more

Muklah Naji Interview

Muklah Naji is the Co-founder and CEO of Computiq, a leading software company that provides technical solutions and education, and Hub 200,... read more

Mario Makary Interview

Mario Makary is senior director and cluster manager at Visa in Levant, which covers Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, and Palestine. Makary has... read more