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Doing Less, Excelling More: A Guide to Personal and Global Well-Being

Why Do Not We Acknowledge it? How many times did we feel frustrated because someone invites us to a professional event but... read more

The Investment Scene in Kurdistan Region: How is Kurdistan Region Becoming More Investable?

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) has undergone a remarkable transformation since 2003. Emerging from decades of conflict and isolation, the Kurdistan... read more

Riyada Initiative: Promoting Entrepreneurship for Social Progress

A good indicator of social progress and growth in development policies, plans, programs, and communities is how much role entrepreneurship plays in... read more

Interview with Dr. Akaam Kamal

Dr. Akaam Kamal is the Executive Director of Halabja Group, one of the leading companies in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. It... read more

Interview with Sheikh Fakhir Sheikh

Sheikh Fakhir Sheikh Tayeb is the CEO of Qaiwan Group. Qaiwan Group is one of the industry leaders in Iraq and the... read more

Interview with Dr. Muhammed Shukri

Dr. Muhammed Shukri is Chairman of the Board of Investment (BOI) in the Kurdistan Region Government. He has a bachelor's degree in... read more

Why No One Size Fits All: Navigating the Diverse Pathways to Success in the Iraqi Entrepreneurial Scene Through Tajarib's Lens

Tajarib is a podcast that interviews the remarkable entrepreneurs, executives, and changemakers of Iraq’s private sector. Available in both audio and video... read more

The Business LANDSCAPE of Kurdistan Region: A Hub for Innovation, Investment, and Economic Development

Kurdistan Region has been home to an abundance of local resources, a youthful population, and fruitful opportunities. The region is also the... read more

Unveiling Basra's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: A Thriving Haven of Innovation and Collaboration

Nestled in the south of Iraq, Basra stands as a city with immense historical significance and a promising future. While Baghdad has... read more