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Digital Transformation: A Realistic Evaluation from the Lens of the Iraqi Context

Editorial Piece The term digital transformation in the Iraqi context could be a slippery slope when it comes to exploring the tangible... read more

Stakeholders Mapping for Climate Action

Climate change is the world’s most looming issue, and Iraq is no different in that regard. However, oftentimes when the subject of... read more

From Incubation to Action: How Qaf Lab is Accelerating Climate-smart Farming in Iraq

It is no secret that climate change is a serious problem facing humanity today. The rapid shifts in weather patterns, which have... read more

Mitigating Climate Change Through Energy-efficient Design Principles

As the world warms up, space cooling is becoming increasingly acknowledged as a development priority and an equity challenge. The surging demand... read more

Iraq As a Final Destination? Attempts to Build a Thriving Ecotourism Scene

There is a historic and deeply rooted connection between nature and Iraq. Climate change has always played a vital role in the... read more

Addressing Climate Change Impact on Iraq and the Urgency for Proactive Response

The effects of climate change on the various Iraqi sectors have become widely known, and they have cast a shadow over the... read more

Climate-Induced Displacement and Its Fallouts on the Iraqi Socioeconomic Life

Desertification is impacting almost 40% of Iraq’s territory, making it one of the most vulnerable countries to decreased water and food availability,... read more

The Urban Violation: The Eradication of Green Spaces in Baghdad

Since 1927, Iraq has committed to conducting a population census every ten years to monitor population growth. The last official census, made... read more

Interview with Mark Bryson-Richardson

Mark Bryson-Richardson is a British diplomat who currently serves as the UK Ambassador to Iraq. He has an extensive background in diplomatic... read more