Climate Change Impacts Conference Concludes Successful Event in Iraq

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March 22, 2023

Baghdad, Iraq - Climate Change Impacts: Tackling the Challenge Through Awareness, Policy, and Technology Conference concluded its one-day event, which was held on March 18th at Babylon Rotana Hotel. More than 230 person attended the conference, the majority of whom represented various parties involved in combating climate change, including governmental entities, international NGOs, local NGOs, educational institutions, activists, and representatives of the private sector.

The Climate Change Impacts conference featured a lineup of esteemed speakers, including Iraq's Deputy Minister of Environment. H.E. Dr. Jassim Al-Falahi, Dr. Jonne Bruecher - Cluster Coordinator, Economic Development and Life Perspectives Cluster, GIZ Iraq, Mr. Erfan Diebel - Head of Project - ICT for Youth - GIZ Iraq, Mr. Mohammed Jamal - Managing Director, Research at KAPITA Business Hub, who provided insights and expertise on the serious situation of the current climate change condition in Iraq.

A total of three panel discussions were held at the conference focusing on Policy, Awareness, and Technology, which offered attendees the opportunity to engage in a deeper exploration of the climate change challenge. Each panel focused on a different aspect of the issue and brought together experts and practitioners from various sectors to share their perspectives and insights.

Throughout the conference, the Stakeholders Mapping research by KAPITA's Research team, was prominently featured on screen via QR code. This research played a foundational role in shaping the conference's key questions, particularly with respect to the allocation of responsibility for addressing climate change.

To conclude our Climate Change Impacts conference, KAPITA has presented a demo of it's new data platform. The platform comes as a part of KAPITA’s contributions towards providing data, insights, and research in Iraq.The dashboard was created by the data team at KAPITA and showed critical information on climate change in Iraq, laying the foundation for informed decision-making and data-driven strategies in combating climate change. This initiative reinforces KAPITA's commitment to proper data utilization in Iraq and its role as a leading institute in Iraq's efforts to tackle climate change.

"The approval by Iraq's parliament for the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is a significant step towards economic diversification and sustainability, supporting reliance on renewable energy sources, clean environments, and nature-based solutions for future generations." Iraq Deputy Minister of Environment. H.E. Dr Jassim Al-Falahi said. "I would also like to thank the supporters and organizers of this important conference, particularly GIZ and KAPITA, for their support. I would also like to thank all the entities, sectors, and ministries contributing to this conference."

"The Climate Change Impacts Conference is an invitation to all of us to think about solutions to the problem of climate change in Iraq through the lenses of policies, awareness, and technology. It is important to identify who is responsible for these sectors' actions and who can have the greatest impact.", mentioned Mohammed Jamal, Managing Director, Research at KAPITA Business Hub

* This conference was implemented by KAPITA Business Hun in partnership with GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development BMZ

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