Orange Corners Baghdad calls for Applicants - Apply Now

Start from scratch and apply for the 6 months incubation program of Orange Corners Baghdad.

The incubation program aims to train the startups, develop their skills and turn their ideas to reality.


Orange Corners Baghdad is an incubator applying its experience to support Iraqi entrepreneurs. Orange Corners Baghdad launches for the first time in Iraq to support and encourage the Iraqi youth to have more opportunities to grow their projects and support their role in developing the private sector.

Iraq nowadays goes through a hard time; therefore, we have to increase our efforts to provide the youth with work opportunities and support the private sector and local projects.

Orange Corners Baghdad aims to incubate 20 startups for six months: starting with providing a co-working space, training and developing their business and guiding them to the right path.

What we offer

  1. Training Sessions : This entails start-up planning, resource management, marketing and communication, research skills, and other business management tools you need.
  2. Business development support: Training to help you assess risks, developing networking skills and to better determine market needs.
  3. Events and Masterclasses: Local customers will eventually buy any service or product that you develop. At a number of public events, we help you connect with the local market, and expose you to established Iraqi business leaders.
  4. Positive environment : We will work to foster a positive and encouraging environment. In our selection we look for enthusiastic individuals who are willing to learn and make a difference.
  5. Investment: Throughout the programme, you will have the opportunity to pitch your ideas at masterclasses and public events. We will bring potential investors to these events so that you will have a change to attract investment.

How to apply

The application process consists of two phases:

Online application: The application form becomes available on our website prior to the beginning of each six-month cycle. Fill in all required fields and submit via the online application form submit button. Please make sure to check your inbox regularly to see if you are one of the 50 selected semi-finalists.

Bootcamp: The 50 semi-finalists will be invited to participate in a compulsory two-day-long bootcamp in which a jury decides who are best placed to join the incubation programme. Selection will be conducted according to the performance during the bootcamp. At the end of the bootcamp, 20 young Iraqi entrepreneurs will be selected to participate for six months.

In order to apply for the OC programme, you must be :

An aspiring entrepreneur based in Iraq.

Between 18 and 35 years old.

Have at least a high school diploma or bachelors degree.

Unemployed or at most a part-time employee, so that you have enough time available to develop your business.

Ready to submit an innovative start-up idea that addresses one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

In possession of some English language, leadership and communication skills.

Posted in on Sunday, 15th December, 2019