KAPITA’s Pre-Acceleration Program: ScaleUp Academy program has started

KAPITA is proud to announce that the Scaleup Academy program commenced this February. The ScaleUp Academy is the first program in Iraq focusing on putting startups in the tracking to be investment-ready. The aim is to equip entrepreneurs with appropriate skills and knowledge and to help grow their businesses in the market. The workshops are designed to help participants understand and overcome the current and future challenges and to assist them in growing their businesses in the Iraqi market.  

Initially more than 80 businesses applied for the program and more than 50 were interviewed. But due to our selection process we had to choose the best ten businesses to be part of the academy. 

The first ScaleUp workshop took place in KAPITA. It hosted Iraqi startup owners who have been operating for a year or more. They participated in the Program in order to speed up the progress, expansion and investment of their businesses. 

The two days were an induction for the Program and it was an opportunity for the participants to meet and get to know each other. This session introduced them to the possible expansion strategies that their businesses could pursue. The supervisors worked with the participants individually to study their current situation and prepare them for expansion.

Posted in on Tuesday, 10th March, 2020