Advancing Data Accessibility in Iraq: iData and UNDP Accelerator Labs Join Forces

Baghdad, March 10 2024 – iData, at the forefront of data solutions in Iraq, proudly announces its collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme - Accelerator Labs (UNDP-AccLab). This strategic partnership is dedicated to advancing data accessibility in Iraq, a pivotal stride toward informed decision-making across various sectors.

This dynamic collaboration aims to develop two comprehensive dashboards focusing on Iraq's entrepreneurial ecosystem and educational sector. These cutting-edge solutions will feature precise and visually engaging analyses, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Both dashboards will be accessible in Arabic and English, emphasizing inclusivity.

"By joining forces with UNDP Accelerator Labs, we are building bridges that connect data to decisions and insights to action. This is about empowering policymakers, entrepreneurs, educators, and the Iraqi public with the information they need to drive progress," says Mohammed Jamal, Managing Director of Research at KAPITA and Co-founder of iData. 

"This collaborative venture between UNDP-AccLab and KAPITA Business Hub epitomizes an inclusive strategy aimed at enriching the business environment in Iraq. By furnishing precise and easily accessible visualized data, it serves as a potent instrument for fortifying the entire ecosystem and fostering tangible, enduring transformation," says Auke Lootsma, Resident Representative-UNDP Iraq, emphasizing the significance of this collaboration.

This strategic partnership with KAPITA Business Hub to scale-up the local solution iDATA perfectly aligns with the UNDP-AccLab mandate in Iraq, emphasizing the sustainable scaling-up of local innovations. iDATA serves as an exemplary model in this regard, characterized by its pioneering local ownership, validated success through its beta version release, and the promising potential to evolve into Iraq's leading data visualization platform.

Posted in on Sunday, 10th March, 2024