EdTech in Iraqi Formal Education: A brief on the future potential and the current situation

Technologically-facilitated education, or EdTech in short, has been a focus for many for years. Its importance was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic when millions of children stayed home due to school closures across the globe. The need for EdTech was apparent in the amount of money invested in the sector through the years.

The Iraqi education system suffers from many issues; multiple school shifts, shortage of teachers, weak infrastructure, to name a few. Many of which can be solved through EdTech technologies, from online education to learning management systems (LMS). EdTech solutions can help fix many of them, such as aiding the communication between schools and students and their families, and arranging for student enrollment.

The challenges facing Iraqi EdTech are many. The Ministry of Education’s outdated curriculum and their policy of denying any entity from providing extracurricular content weakens EdTech in that aspect. The transition to online education was sudden for Iraqi students and teachers, which was mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and school closures. On account of this confusion, EdTech was frowned upon by many. Reintroduction of EdTech properly to the Iraqi educational system should be reviewed.

In this brief, we list many of the EdTech initiatives and startups in the Iraqi ecosystem. These systems are facing many challenges, one of the most important is providing their value for institutions and students. Examples of them are Eduba that provides LMS for schools, and T3leem platform which is an Iraq-centered E-learning platform with features tailored to the needs of Iraqi teachers and students.

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KAPITA. "EdTech in Iraqi Formal Education: A brief on the future potential and the current situation”. December 24, 2022. https://bit.ly/3WLyfw1

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