KAPITA is a private sector development company that aims to empower small and

medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations through investment, research,

incubation/acceleration, and market development programs. KAPITA is committed to

empowering human capital, building youth capacity, and equipping them with the

necessary skills, access to data, research, and capital. KAPITA strives to provide

entrepreneurs, founders, business owners, stakeholders, and investors with the toolkit

and the roadmap to navigate the Iraqi market and further scale-up their businesses.

KAPITA has a proven record of research through its rich previous expereince of

conducting market research with various clients and institutions. Over the past three

years, since its establishment, KAPITA has strived to become a pioneer and a trusted

reference for market research in various sectors.

Through a multitude of experiences catering to clients and institutions with diverse

backgrounds, professional levels, and regions, KAPITA has emerged as a pioneer in

the Iraqi market, particularly in business development. With an in-depth understanding

of the needs and challenges of the market, as well as a profound grasp of market

demands, deficiencies, and regulatory frameworks, KAPITA has earned a distinguished

reputation as a leading provider of market research in Iraq.

Apart from its publications, KAPITA conducts research tailored to clients' specific needs

and demands. The company has had the opportunity to work with esteemed clients

such as Coca-Cola İçecek, Peace Paradigms, and the World Bank, among others.

When it comes to empowering youth and startups, KAPITA has emerged as a key

player in the market. We've achieved this through a series of programs designed to

unlock the potential of youth and prepare startups for the market. These programs

include our incubation program (Orange Corners), acceleration program (Scale-Up),

Takaat, and the Women's Entrepreneurial Finance Initiative (We-Fi). These programs

are made possible through funding from entities that share KAPITA's vision of

enhancing the private sector in Iraq

KAPITA also has a special network of angel investors known as the Iraqi Angel

Investors Network. This network of Iraqi angel investors is dedicated to identifying fresh

investment prospects among startups and contributing to their growth through strategic


Scope of Work

The Development Analyst will focus on tender support, methodologies support, and

internal collaboration as outlined in the key responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities

1. Tender Support:

● Assist in searching for relevant tenders and analyzing tender documents

to understand requirements, scope, and evaluation criteria.

● Gather necessary information and resources from various departments to

support tender proposal development.

● Assist in writing and developing tender proposals, ensuring all

requirements are met and deadlines are adhered to.

2. Methodologies Support:

● Assist in developing and designing project methodologies that align with

external entity requirements and KAPITA’s standards.

● Contribute to the continuous improvement of methodologies by providing

feedback and suggestions based on project outcomes and client


● Collaborate with other departments to develop concept notes and projects.

3. Internal Collaboration and Reporting:

● Work closely with the Senior Development Analyst and other team

members to ensure the coordination and execution of projects.

● Maintain accurate records and documentation related to tender proposals,

client communication, and other projects being held by the department.

4. Client Support:

● Participate in meetings with clients to understand their needs, objectives,

and challenges. Record and document client requirements accurately.

● Maintain contact with clients to ensure they receive proposals, address

any questions they may have, and provide support as needed throughout

the project lifecycle.

Key Skills and Qualifications

● Education: Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Economics, Finance,

or a related field.

● Experience: 1-2 years of experience in business development, market research,

project management, or any relevant experience.

● Technical Skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Office, and data analysis software.

● Soft Skills: Strong analytical abilities, excellent written and verbal

communication skills, ability to work collaboratively, high attention to detail and

organizational skills, and Adaptability and ability to manage multiple tasks and

deadlines effectively.

● Personal Attributes: Proactive and self-motivated with a strong desire to learn

and grow, and the ability to handle confidential and sensitive information with


Work Environment and Culture

At KAPITA, we pride ourselves on maintaining a collaborative and innovative work

environment. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and strive to ensure all

employees feel valued and supported.

How to apply:

To apply for the ‘Development Analyst’ position please click the link:


Submission Deadline: Saturday, July 20, 2024.

Join us at KAPITA and be a part of our mission.

For more information about Kapita, visit our website:   https://www.kapita.iq/

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