Business LANDSCAPE Magazine Issue 3

We are delighted to put the third issue of Business LANDSCAPE between your hands, a quarterly published magazine that covers a wide range of topics regarding the Iraqi private sector.

In this issue, we further delve into the investment scene, its latest trends in the Iraqi market, and the instruments that could protect the investors. We also share with you real-life lessons and stories right from the front row of the startups’ pitch day. We explore the important role that women play in the Iraqi startup ecosystem, the entrepreneurial challenges they encounter, the reoccurring themes and reasons behind the gender gap in the ecosystem.

Moreover, our reports series covering the different sectors in Iraq continues. You will read about the health sector overview and the tourism sector overview. Where we touch on the importance of these sectors, their current state, latest initiatives, and our recommendations.

Furthermore, Business LANDSCAPE had the opportunity to sit down with his excellency, the German Ambassador in Iraq, Dr. Ole Diehl, who talked about the active role Germany is playing in the development of the Iraqi private sector and the impact of its projects on the Iraqi youth. Amar Shubar, co-founder and partner at Management Partners, shared with us the insights he gained from his rich experience across various countries and within the MENA region, regarding the investment scene, the role of the Iraqi Angel Investors Network, and the importance of digital transformation for the economy. Yadgar Mirani, co-founder and CEO of Lezzoo, an Iraqi last-mile delivery startup, discussed with us the aspiring journey of Lezzo, their vision, the challenges of the Iraqi market, the potential and the future of Iraqi startups.

Business LANDSCAPE proceeds with its endeavors to highlight the importance of the private sector in Iraq and unravel its prospects.

We deeply appreciate and thank everyone who contributed to this issue of Business LANDSCAPE and we sincerely thank the GIZ for being an outstanding enabler for us.

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Posted in on Monday, 12th July, 2021