ScaleUp Academy Continued its Online Sessions 

At ScaleUp Academy, we ensure deep learning and training for our startups. Therefore, we contacted top mentors to deliver their knowledge to accelerate our ten startups. 

After completing the offline sessions of the third cohort, it was time to start the online sessions on various topics like finance, sales, legalization, and investment. 

Finance sessions were given by Mr. Motasem Al-Saber - Senior Financial Planning Analyst at OpenSooq. Financial operations are one of the most critical factors that help in the success or failure of any startup company!

Therefore, Mr. Motasem Al-Saber, trained the ten startups in the following: Introduction to Accounting, Financial Statements, Financial Analysis, Financial Planning, Unit Economics, and Goal-Driven Financial Performance) to cover all that startup owners need to manage the financial side of their companies.

Next, sales sessions focused on questions like: Why do salespeople fail? And what is the "Professional Selling"? Finally, is building a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) important?

The sales session was given by Mr. Mahdi Ghurayeb - Certified Success & Sales Trainer, via Zoom in 7 training sessions for startups. 

Mr. Serge Airut delivered the legalization sessions as he explained the following topics: How to choose startup jurisdiction?, Types of companies in Iraq, What is a safe agreement, VC funding key contraction provisions, SHA - key contraction provision, and more. 

Lastly, the investment sessions were trained by Mr. Ali Al-Suhail - Managing Director, Investment at KAPITA. His sessions included the following topics: How to talk to investors (what details should you mention), Be ready for investors' questions, Pre-money vs. post-money, Equity vs. debt vs. convertible, Share purchase and sales agreement, Liquidation preference, fundraising, and more. 

Following the completion of the training sessions, each startup receives one on one mentoring sessions with specialists in different fields and expertise. Then, by the program's end, the accelerators will graduate and acquire services to aid their journey to grow their businesses and fuel the Iraqi economy. 

About Scaleup Academy:

ScaleUp Academy Training Program aims to graduate investment-ready scaleups. Therefore, we admit founders and key team members in an intensive 9 weeks program where they'll receive general business and tailor-made sessions to escalate the growth of their businesses in no time. Also, the entrepreneurs will work closely with business development experts to develop their business growth strategy and recognize market opportunities.

After completion of the Academy, each startup will receive "post-graduation services (Marketing Services)." These services will run for eight weeks and are needed to scale the marketing capacity of the startups in the fields of Branding, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, and Advertising.

This program is supported by GIZ and Asiacell.


KAPITA is a private sector development company aiming to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through investment, research, incubation/acceleration, and market development programs.

Posted in on Sunday, 5th June, 2022