Orange Corners Baghdad Cohort 7 Has Started Officially!

In a remarkable milestone marking the fifth year since the start of the Orange Corners Baghdad program, we are thrilled to announce the commencement of our eagerly anticipated 7th cohort. This latest chapter introduces a fresh wave of startups poised to embark on transformative journeys of growth and innovation.

This program is brought together by the Kingdom of Netherlands and implemented by KAPITA with our strategic partner Asiacell, the Orange Corners Baghdad program is a testament to our commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit.

At the core of our mission lies the aspiration to guide startups from their initial ideation phase to becoming market-ready enterprises. Orange Corners Baghdad has meticulously curated an immersive series of training sessions and masterclasses encompassing a comprehensive spectrum of entrepreneurship and business management topics to fulfill this goal

Following the program's curriculum, the seventh cohort's commenced with a Bootcamp. This intensive initiation sets the stage for 20+ exceptional startups to showcase their innovative ventures effectively. These entrepreneurs will take center stage a week before an esteemed judging committee. The committee's evaluation will select the top 20 startups who will forge ahead within our program.

Among the esteemed members of the judging committee are:

- Ammar Al-khatib: Key Expert and Head of Baghdad Office at Peace Paradigms, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and Former Executive Director of The Station.

- Mohammed Hameed: Programs Manager at KAPITA.

- Taher Tameem: Business Development Director at KAPITA.

From an initial pool of 50 promising candidates, only 20+ will be granted the opportunity to incubate and elevate their burgeoning businesses.

Our finalist startups are:

  1. مستشار المطاعم - Restaurant consultant: Restaurant consultant project is focused on several things, such as training and qualification for restaurants under opening or after opening specialized in the field of fast food
  2. Baghdad Game Lab  ( BGL ): Baghdad Game Lab (BGL) is a start-up working on showing the importance of the game industry in Iraq. our mission is to teach, help and support those who are interested in game design to take the first step in this industry and link them to other game creators via our social network, as well as develop in house games 
  3. Artsay: A company that provides various services to customers who wish to explore the world and travel to different destinations. It aims to facilitate the process of planning and booking trips, providing distinctive travel experiences, discovering new tourist destinations, and providing distinguished services to customers, such as arranging housing, transportation and tours.
  4. Dabdab & Ghazala: A company specialized in providing solutions in the field of sustainable building materials and providing services for engineering projects with an engineering description of the projects through modern systems such as thermal insulation of buildings and the provision of electric energy in addition to the restoration of historical buildings through environmentally friendly materials as well as waterproofing systems using modern materials whose emissions do not affect the environment.
  5. تبدورة - tabdora: The first store specialized in selling miniature glass gardens in Iraq. It can be presented as an unconventional gift and also as a landscape in offices, homes or clinics. It is very easy to care for, as the glass is closed.
  6. Dhalmah | ظلمـــة:  Dhalmah is a creative agency that provides graphic design services, including advertising designs, typography, and the creation of marketing visual identities, as well as services and general training and staff.
  7. Gusba - گصبة:  Gusba is an environmentally friendly e-commerce project that provides natural alternatives to single-use plastics, organic biodegradable products, and items made from recyclable materials. It aims to encourage people to adopt a healthier and less harmful lifestyle.
  8. Hanoot - حانوت: A local brand providing local products inspired by traditional and daily street stories. We aim to showcase the cultural heritage and spirit of our community. At Hanoot, we provide a variety of products, including candles, notebooks, souvenirs, bags, clothes, and other products. 
  9. Microgreeniq: Microgreens are the sprouts of plants that appear immediately after germination and before the plant becomes complete. In addition to its distinctive and varied taste for each type, it contains vitamins and minerals that reach 40 times, and is used to decorate dishes and food. The type of cultivation is vertical and does not need a wide place. 
  10. RW: It is the first Iraqi brand that specializes in manufacturing natural hair care products inside Iraq with organic materials and the least use of chemicals that are harmful to hair, with seven lines targeting seven hair problems and a line made according to the customer’s request in RWlaboratories. 
  11. جميلة.كوم - is a Mobile App service that provides Super Markets, cosmetics and most small retail shops the accessibility to most products available in the IraqMarket
    that will give my customers (Shops) the ability to: The small shop purchaser will view and purchase the products at any time from anywhere, Increase the shop's profit margin by getting the cheapest prices, Get all the goods delivered to their location
  12. Taheel Academy: Taheel Academy is an institute dedicated to providing students and tutors with an ideal educational environment. Our primary objective is to create a conducive setting that promotes effective learning and growth. By offering modern facilities and resources, we strive to empower students and tutors alike, ensuring they have the necessary tools to excel academically and professionally. At Taheel Academy, we are committed to fostering an atmosphere that inspires curiosity, collaboration, and achievement.
  13. wisecart وايزكارت: an online market application that relies on video in general instead of images to make online shopping more transparent and entertaining by browsing longitudinally between goods
  14. اشور(ضوء) - light: Ashur is a technical services office. We currently provide two services, the first is home internet service in some neighborhoods of Mosul, and the second is the "light" mobile application. Automation, management and financial management of commercial generators. This covers all parts of Iraq.
  15. Enkidu  - انكيدو: Enkidu is an Iraqi brand specializing in wristwatch We produce handmade watches from our own designs that reflect the Arab culture and history of Iraq. We try to create a new market for this product in Iraq.
  16. AutoCare: It is a mobile application for booking car wash and maintenance services, and we are also establishing a kiosk in a strategic location in Baghdad to provide services to consumers
  17. EjaryOnline: A project that is specialized in renting tourist farms. It is a website that connects farm owners with customers who wish to rent a farm for daily rent, as we make it easier for owners to manage farms and receive reservations with ease.
  18. Albait Alshami - البيت الشامي: The first project in Iraq for ""Syrian Mouneh"" products, "food preserved with natural olive oil and free from preservatives". In the menu, we offer a variety of healthy labneh balls dipped in pure olive oil
  19. Montessori Club: The Montessori Club adopts learning through play and exploration. We offer interactive workshops for children from 5-12 years old. We are working to provide educational awareness products related to the environment and community awareness available in the Iraqi market at a competitive price that allows families and educational institutions to provide information in an entertaining and sustainable way.
  20. Dalil Iraq  - دليل العراق: It is a guide for the citizen - it contains a section for doctors and teachers, as well as a guide for emergencies and a special section for vacancies - it is a comprehensive application that is a guide for the citizen for all commercial activities such as doctors, shops, restaurants, teachers and others.

Following this stage, we will begin our trainings journey, so stay tuned for the upcoming events!

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